Nursing Scholarship announced by Servisource and DkIT 2018/2019

DkIT and Servisource Healthcare nursing scholarship initiative affords nursing & midwifery undergraduates the opportunity to secure €1,500 to support their studies.

Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT) and County Louth healthcare recruitment specialist, Servisource Healthcare announce the launch of this years nursing scholarship, which will provide four third-year nursing and midwifery students at DkIT with €1,500 financial support as they progress through their degree.

Why Apply?

As the demand for qualified nurses and midwives in Ireland continues to grow, the new Servisource Healthcare Nursing Scholarship will provide continued motivation and additional resources to DkIT students at a critical point in their study.

In addition, the process of applying for these scholarships is also good practice for students as they are encouraged to reflect on their academic and practical successes to date and to consider their employment options for the future.

How to Apply for the Scholarship?

The scholarship for nurses programme commences in autumn (18th September 2018) and all third year students wishing to be considered for the scholarship will be asked to submit their applications in advance of the closing date on Friday 8th March 2019.

Applicants will be asked to complete a reflective essay outlining an experience or circumstance in which they have demonstrated kindness and compassion in care, in line with the nursing and midwifery standards and guidelines to be submitted by the 8th March 2019. This includes the need for nurses and midwives to be competent, safety-conscious and act with kindness and compassion in their provision of safe, high-quality care.

The winning students will be announced on 26th March 2019 after deliberation by judges from the DkIT Nursing, Midwifery and Health Studies Department and Servisource Healthcare .

Declan Murphy, CEO of the Servisource said,

Having operated in the healthcare sector for almost 20 years, we understand the commitment and the challenges faced by nurses as they embark on their journey in becoming healthcare professionals. Servisource Healthcare is proud to support nurses during their careers in matching the best nursing jobs with the best candidates. Our partnership with DkIT Nursing & Midwifery allows us to further enhance this relationship by recognising exceptional performance and providing financial assistance to student nurses and we look forward to a developing a long and fruitful relationship.

The scholarships are open to all third year nursing and midwifery students and have been designed to encourage and reward students that show promise and dedication. Students will be assessed on their commitment to nursing practice, passion for the profession and their drive to succeed. We would urge all eligible students to apply and to avail of this fantastic opportunity to help progress their studies.


Healthcare Professionals working over Christmas

As the festive season approaches most of us are looking forward to spending time with our families, snuggling up on the couch, in front of a big fire to watch Christmas movies and most importantly eating our weight in festive chocolates.

However Healthcare professionals working over Christmas are not thinking this way as December hits – they are dedicated to keeping our health service running.

Healthcare Professionals working over Christmas – Not All Heros Wear Capes

This year I would like you to spend a little time thinking about the millions of Healthcare professionals who spend the weeks coming up to Christmas and New Year wondering whether their name will be on the Christmas/New Year rota?

Those healthcare professionals working over Christmas who are wondering whether they will get to see their children’s faces as they open their presents under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning?

Wondering at what time of the day they will get the time to sit and take a weight off their feet and finally enjoy a peaceful hour enjoying their turkey dinner and a well-deserved glass of mulled wine.

Healthcare professionals working over Christmas
Healthcare professionals working over Christmas

These Healthcare professionals work tirelessly all year round, but it is at Christmas I think about them a little more and possibly even that little bit more this year as I myself have a family member who will be spending the festive season in their company for the first time.

Weather warning or no weather warning

Last Year, Ireland was on lockdown as Storm Emma met the Beast from the East, with status red snow ice warnings. All schools, colleges and non-essential Government departments where closed with safety experts begging people to stay inside.

There may have been weather warnings but not everyone could get the day off work, particularly healthcare professionals working over Christmas. Not only that, with some roads impassable or extremely dangerous; staff either braved long walks (some up to 10km) in the icey snow, stayed in hotels close to the hospitals or some stayed in day wards (if there was room) in order to maintain a safe level of care for their patients. Despite the adverse weather, our dedicated healthcare professionals continued to keep our health services running.

“The dedication of all healthcare staff and their co-operation with the Gardai, the army and the civil defence ‘is a true example of selflessness and pride in the job they do every day’ “

Phil Ni Sheaghdha, INMO General Secretary

Healthcare professionals working over Christmas
Healthcare professionals working over Christmas

Take a minute to Appreciate our Healthcare Professionals working over Christmas.

Can we think about them this year as we attend Christmas concerts – how many mums and dads are missing out on their child on stage possibly for the first time?

Think of them as we rise early and sit around in our pyjamas opening gifts with our loved ones – how many people must change around their family routine so as not to miss the faces of their loved ones as they opened gifts in which much thought, time and effort went in to buy?

As we sit around the dinner table – think about how many people are sitting with colleagues wishing they were at home pulling Christmas crackers and eating the meal they have waited all year for?

Can we think about them as we lie up on the couch after we have eaten ourselves into oblivion – how many people are walking corridors assisting to our family members and friends, maybe comforting those who have recently lost oved ones on this family-oriented day or perhaps they are helping families celebrate new arrivals?

Dedicated to creating ‘Christmas’ Atmosphere

For healthcare professionals working over Christmas, while treating people at their most vulnerable can be difficult and sad, working over the festive period can also be uplifting.

Being around these healthcare professionals working over Christmas is one of the happiest places to be at this time of year.

They have their workplace decorated like home; with wards decked in tinsel and Christmas trees, they have boxes of sweets set out around the wards/rooms and offering all visitors a very warmly welcome as we visit our family members and friends.

Christmas music is playing, and the festive cheer is very clear to see while surrounded by these amazing workers. They lift the spirits of those around them as they walk the corridors with their Christmas jumpers on, Santa hats perched proudly on their heads and tinsel in their hair.

Some facilities will have some special events happening on Christmas Day – some places will hold charity carol singing where patients, friends, relatives and staff all get involved with local choirs or bands. Other places will invite all family members to come in early for their visit and maybe accompany their relatives to the religious ceremony that morning. Either way their will be a lovely atmosphere there for all involved and this is all a huge credit to those working on this Christmas Day.

All in all, these healthcare professionals work 365 days a year, including Christmas Day or possibly another day over the festive season – be it caring for patients, ensuring the facilities are clean and safe for all, or providing for the staff themselves.

As this year comes to an end we would like to applaud our amazing staff around the country, and express our gratitude for their dedication and professionalism in providing care.

Personally, this year I want to thank all healthcare professionals greatly and remind them that we all appreciate the work that they do every day of the year.

Our staff are our biggest asset – from our Healthcare Assistants, Directors of Nursing, and Nurses to our Home Care Staff and our Catering & Domestic Staff.

Healthcare Professionals all over the world, we wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

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Article Written By:
Lisa Curran  | Recruitment Consultant DNE
Email: [email protected]

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