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Operating large buildings—particularly the highly technical equipment that maintains temperature, air quality, ventilation and overall comfort—is challenging and expensive. CIM takes the complexity out of managing large building operations by optimising efficiency and sustainability in a way that is smart, simple and transparent - Continuous Intelligent Monitoring (CIM). Our 'best in class' building analytics platform, PEAK, integrates building intelligence, machine learning and technical engineering support into real-time data insights, empowering owners and operators of real estate portfolios to: - Rapidly identify, diagnose and resolve building problems - Make better, data-driven operational decisions - Understand and fix inefficiencies in building performance - Improve team collaboration and visibility for all stakeholders. Smarter operations enable building peak performance, which generates better, long-term value for shareholders and tenants. Our clients include real estate investment trusts, superannuation funds, manufacturing sites, governments, major cultural institutions, and large property portfolio owners and operators. We have offices in Europe and Australia.

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