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Supporting Adults with Autistic Spectrum Disorder
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The Cork Association for Autism has grown significantly since its foundation in 1978. The journey taken over the past 4 decades has proven one thing, that from humble beginnings indeed do come great things. Over 300 individuals benefit from the services available which include Residential Care, Day Service, Respite, Home Support and an Asperger’s Syndrome Support Service (Aspect).

The core objective of the Association is to provide best-in-class services, delivering individual focused care plans for the people availing of our services. Our objective is to support each individual to access and develop educational, vocational, social and recreational opportunities.

We also aim to grow the awareness and understanding within our community and society generally of the unique challenges faced by individuals within the Autism Spectrum. Our mission is to ensure that those availing of our services and their families have a quality of life that we all aspire to. We aim to develop the potential of each service user, by treating each person as a unique and respected individual having equal rights and entitlements.

So why not make a difference and join our team.

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