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Ireland’s leading provider of acute and specialist mental health services
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Highfield Healthcare is a leading provider of acute and specialist mental health services. Perhaps, traditionally better known for its expertise in the treatment and care of older persons, the organisation has remained responsive to changing needs within Ireland. Today, Highfield Healthcare is highly regarded for the provision of acute mental health treatment and care for adults and older persons with acute, serious and enduring mental health disorders and complex mental health issues associated with neuropsychiatric disorders and dementia.

Highfields state of the art Alzheimer’s Care Centre opened in 2012. It has 154 beds and 6 specialist Alzheimer’s Care units each providing person centred care to those with complex needs. Highfield Healthcare specialise in providing care to those with dementia. Highfield provide long term care for the frail elderly in Elmhurst Nursing Home, this is a 49 bedded facility. All units have a team of specialised nurses, health care assistants and doctors who work alongside consultant psychiatrists, occupational therapists and activities co-ordinators.

Special Rehabilitation Unit (SRU)

The HSE mental health services recognise the issue of service users with complex needs remaining in acute units for long periods and therefore a model of care that describes a specialised rehabilitation care pathway for people with severe and enduring mental illness and complex needs, has been developed.

A significant component of this specialised rehabilitation care pathway is the provision of Specialist Rehabilitation Units (SRUs). Highfield Healthcare provides one such SRU in conjunction with the HSE, for those who require a specialised rehabilitation placement. These service users have not yet received the treatment they need in order to be discharged from acute inpatient units. We hope to provide them a space and the supports they need to facilitate their personal recovery.

Highfield Healthcare is providing a 12 bed SRU for HSE service-users with enduring mental health difficulties, predominantly those with a diagnosis of psychosis and associated challenging behaviours. The goal of the project is to support residents over 18–24 month period through a progressive rehabilitation and recovery focused programme, so that they are provided with the opportunity to successfully transition from the SRU to supported residential settings in their own communities.

Day Hospital

The newly opened Day Hospital caters for service users attending therapy programmes Monday to Friday. A range of group and individual therapies are offered following assessment, with an individualised care plan devised for each service user.

A daily timetable will be discussed with you including group work, individual therapies, consultant reviews and general therapeutic activities. Tea/Coffee and a light lunch will be provided each day. You will meet the whole team weekly and at the first meeting a comprehensive plan will be devised with you. You will also be allocated a key worker who will work with you closely throughout your stay.

Both the inpatient unit and Day Hospital are staffed by a multidisciplinary team offering a wealth of clinical expertise and experience and consisting of a psychologist, social worker, nurse therapist, occupational therapist and led by consultant psychiatrists.

The Day Hospital is open from 10:00-16:00 Monday to Friday. The Day Hospital is located in the same building as the inpatient unit and is accessed through the main reception.

Inpatient Unit

As a patient in the Hampstead Clinic inpatient unit you will be cared for by a multidisciplinary team and you will be involved in both individual therapy and group work. Getting support from others in a group therapy setting can be very powerful. Being part of a group allows the rare opportunity to gain insight into how others affect us and how we affect them. Individual therapies will be delivered by members of the team. The unit is staffed by registered mental health nurses 24 hours a day. All rooms are single and en-suite.

Hampstead Clinic Services is located on the grounds of Highfield Healthcare, conveniently situated near to Dublin City centre and the M50. There are wide open spaces and mature grounds which are designed to support recovery and well-being. Hampstead Clinic inpatient unit has currently 11 single en-suite bedrooms with modern, spacious therapy rooms to ensure comfort and privacy. There are communal spaces with a large resident day room and group therapy area. There are ample spaces to receive visitors off the unit in comfortable surroundings.

Both the inpatient unit and Day Hospital are staffed by a multidisciplinary team offering a wealth of clinical expertise and experience and consisting of a psychologist, social worker, nurse therapist, occupational therapist and led by consultant psychiatrists. Hampstead Clinic Services is regulated and registered as an Approved Centre for mental health treatment by the Mental Health Commission.

Outpatient Unit

Outpatient treatment involves one to one appointments with a consultant psychiatrist or therapist.  A member of staff will be in touch with you with an initial appointment. The outpatient department is on site in Highfield Healthcare.

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