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M50 Concession Ltd is the company responsible for the Operations & Maintenance of the M50 Motorway in Dublin, Ireland. The M50 is a 40 KM C-shaped ring around Dublin that connects all the National Primary Routes to the capital and carries more 115,000 vehicles per day.

In September 2007, the National Roads Authority (NRA) awarded M50 Concession Limited the 35 year M50 PPP (Public Private Partnership) Contract to carry out the upgrading works, financing and to operate & maintain the M50.

M50 Concession Limited aims to become a leading example of PPP operators in Ireland by conducting and focusing its business in responsible and sustainable manner, respectful with the environment and committed to the community and its stakeholders. For these reasons, M50 Concession Limited implemented and operates under a Quality and Environmental Management Systems certified under ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 and has also recently joined the Carbon Disclosure Protocol (CDP).

M50 Concession Ltd is specially committed in making driving safer for all its motorists. That’s why, in conjunction with the NRA, the RSA and the Emergency Services, M50 Concession Ltd has put in place initiatives such as the Live Traffic Alert Twitter @M50Dublin, the 24h Free Emergency Response and Vehicle Recovery Service and the new M50 App for Android & iOS phones.

M50 Concession Ltd shareholders are Globalvia Inversiones, a major worldwide infrastructure developer and operator, and DIF, an independent fund management company.

M50 Concession Street Light Dimming Project Wins the 2017 Small Business SEAI Award.

M50 Concession Street Light Dimming Project Wins the 2017 Small Business SEAI Award.

M50 Concession Ltd is the PPP Company responsible for the M50 upgrade works completed in 2010 and the ongoing maintenance of the M50 motorway until 2042. It currently employs 23 staff. The M50 Streetlight Dimming Project involved installing a power control unit at each of the 106 supply points on the M50 motorway and adjoining interchanges.

This is a viable and affordable alternative and an example of what can be done quickly to achieve significant savings. When combined with LED upgrades, it could prove to be a real game changer in street lighting efficiency.

Although the dimming effect is barely noticeable to the naked eye, the project has delivered 43% energy saving equating to just over €300,000 annually. Similar projects can be easily replicated by other motorway maintenance companies.

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