The Benefits of Hiring Temporary Staff to your Business

Unplanned pregnancy? Last minute holiday? Sickness? Unscheduled leave… These are just a few obstacles a business owner faces (on top of actually managing a company) which can lead them pulling their hair out with stress!!! 🤣


Ok, so we’ve covered the benefits of agency work for candidates – but what exactly are the benefits of hiring temporary staff to your business?

Let’s be serious, the bottom line comes down to time and money; which just so happens to be one of the benefits of hiring temporary staff (how fitting 😉)

  • Hiring Temporary Staff saves you Time

So, say Susan on reception decides she needs to find herself and unexpectedly quits. We all know, a business relies heavily on administration assistants & receptionists to ensure the office run efficiency (and in general 🙌).

What do you do? The hiring process can take from weeks to months to find the perfect candidate. Hiring temporary workers can be a much quicker turnaround.

All you have to do is: pick up the phone to Recruit island, and we will find the perfect candidate for you.

  • Hiring Temporary Staff Saves you money

In the words of Trump, ““I have made the tough decisions, always with an eye toward the bottom line.”

And that folks, is all that matters to any business, whether an SME or large Multinational. It is vital to reduce overheads in order to increase profits.

In this regard, hiring temporary staff can be extremely cost effective.

Servisource Managed Services Solutions provide innovative, cost effective workforce managed services solutions, mitigating risk and maximising profits for our clients.

We streamline the procurement of vital staff; taking responsibility for the recruitment, screening, testing, and hiring of temporary staff (reducing your recruiting & hiring costs and time (Win-Win).

We will also ensure temporary staff are trained for the job, so you can reduce your training costs (Servisource Training).

Not only that, we take control of rostering, compliance, & payroll with no risk to your business. (Honestly why are you still reading this and not on the phone to us yet 😉)

Unsure as to when hiring temporary staff would be appropriate for you?

How about when one of your employees gets sick suddenly. Or your biggest client moves their project deadline up and you don’t have the staff on hand? Or you just don’t have the skills in house? Which just so happens to lead me to my next BENEFITS of hiring temporary staff:

  • Hiring Temporary Staff provides Flexibility / Adaptability (especially in an unstable economy #Brexit)

Hiring Temporary staff can offer employers more adaptability in an unpredictable economy, which is probably why; when the recession hit Ireland, the availability of standard full-time permanent jobs decreased while part-time temporary jobs continued to increase (OECD, 2015).

Read our Blog: What will Temp Admin Look Like in the Future?

With Brexit coming up at the end of the month, there is an undertone of uncertainty as to how it will affect business in Ireland.

Hiring temporary staff gives you the ability to adapt – bring on more staff when needed or scale back the workforce – in response to economic demand.

What if you get this new, exciting project; but you just don’t have certain specialised skills within your organisation? Hiring Temporary Staff will solve this issue!!

  • Hiring Temporary Staff gives your company access to New Skills

Traditionally, people viewed temporary staff as being relatively young with low levels of training. However, more and more; business owners are realising that although it may look like someone is “job hopping” on their CV; they have actually gained invaluable, transferrable skills and industry exposure, that can benefit their organisation.

Have you hit a skills gap obstacle?

Temporary staff will have a specialised skill set relevant to your business or project; who are experienced and accustomed to working on varied and niche projects. As well as all of these benefits; outside eyes can change the way your business operates for the better.

  • Try Before you Buy!

Is your employee turnover high? Where are you going wrong?

Finding employees that are the right fit for your workplace is a challenge – and most commonly a lengthy one at that!

By hiring temporary staff, you have two options:

  1. Temporary staff will fill the demand gap, alleviating the urgency to find that perfect candidate Yesterday!!  Giving you time to invest in your recruitment process and find the right candidate.


  • Hire temporary staff as a “trial run” which gives you the option of evaluating the candidates performance, their cultural fit and overall impact on your business; without the financial commitment of a permanent job offer.

Will hiring Temporary Staff be beneficial to your business?

We recommend you go analyse your business needs; your yearly strategy and identify if any of the above would benefit you. And when you do decide that hiring temporary staff is the ideal option for your business; give us a call on 0818 919 355 or Contact Us via our website

Article Written By:
Donna Farrell

Benefits of Agency Work in Ireland

Have you ever thought about the benefits of Agency Work?

Traditionally, people viewed agency work as being for people who are relatively young and have low levels of training while overlooking the benefits of agency work. They looked on agency work as a negative due to the lack of job security and perceived low income.

A common argument to the traditional viewpoint was “What good is no gap in your CV, or different acquired skills and exposure, if it can’t pay the rent?”

In the years since the global economic crisis, standard jobs were destroyed while part-time employment continued to increase (OECD, 2015).

The reality is, a weekly increase in income for many people during the economic crisis was a result of the benefits of agency work.

In fact, over the last decade, agency work is becoming ‘the new normal’,  not out of necessity or a last resort – they’re typically exciting opportunities that will become more and more common; with more people realising the benefits of agency work.

Statistics highlight that in 2016 just over 7% of workers were in some form of temporary or agency employment, the majority having been working part-time. This is 5,000 more part-time temporary employees than there was in 2008 in Ireland.

benefits of agency work

Source: Irish Congress of Trade Unions (2017)

In recent years, a more modern view on temporary employment is that it provides increased flexibility for all demographics, with wages generally reflective of the value of their skills to an organisation.

Agency workers can quickly go from one environment to another with transferrable skills and increased experience; especially in healthcare.

If you are struggling to find a permanent role, or don’t want to be tied to a specific role for a long period of time; we have put together the top benefits of agency work.

Benefits of Agency Work:


  • If you are working around a significant other who does shift work, or you want to spend more time with the family, then agency work is for you.
  • Agency work provides you with control over your availability which enables you to work around any other commitments you may have such as family, education or perhaps even other employment.
  • Agency work gives you the option to work as many hours as you like or even as little as you like. You provide us with your availability and your flexibility and we work around that to fill our client shift requirements. Our clients generally offer various working patterns from ad-hoc to whole time equivalent hours.


Agency work provides an excellent opportunity for you to gain a substantial amount of new contacts and networks in the sector, through working in a variety of healthcare settings simultaneously.

  • It is looked upon as getting ‘your foot in the door’: It helps you make more connections and build relationships with professionals.
  • It also allows you to gain more experience and learn to adapt to different environments. This is particularly good for newly qualified healthcare professionals; or those who may have been working in the same area of healthcare throughout their career.
  • It also allows you to build on your skillset and makes you more employable to future organisations.
  • Offers you a favorable working environment, allowing you to choose the correct career path for you in the future.

With the unemployment rate at an all-time low now, temping work always looks very well on your CV too which may offer you the upper hand in job applications down the line.

Ongoing Training

As a member of agency staff, we keep on top of all your mandatory certs. We remind you when they are due to expire and ensure you sit them in advance to keep you continuously fully compliant.

The Servisource Training Department run mandatory healthcare training courses monthly across four locations in Ireland.

Note: For the small administration of €2.50 a week, our training department and compliance team ensure that all your training certification is kept up-to-date. This also prevents you from any big up-front payments.


Agency workers tend to be offered competitive rates of pay and verified experience always works to your advantage. We do our best to offer Servisource employees the same rates of pay as those who would be working alongside you.

  • You receive your pay on a weekly basis which can enable you to budget and monitor finances effortlessly.
  • You are entitled to holiday pay, which provides you with the same benefits as those in fulltime employment.

Note: under the Temporary Agency Work Act you are entitled to regulated pay as well as accrued holiday pay. You are also given the same quality of working conditions as your permanent colleagues.

Application Process

We have a very easy and straightforward process within Servisource whereby you can:

  • Upload your contact details,
  • Let us know the type of work it is you are looking for and where,
  • Then the relevant recruiter in that specific area will be in contact with you in due course.

The recruiter is your direct point of contact from initial commencement of the application process; stright through to final placement providing as much support and assistance as possible.

Servisource Healthcare are a leading international supplier of high quality and innovative healthcare staffing solutions, enabling continuity of care during peaks in demand, by supplying fast, flexible and reliable staff at short notice.

Servisource Healthcare provides cost effective solutions; helping our long-standing clients manage budgets, reduce workloads, maintain staffing levels and deliver premium patient care.

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Lisa Curran  | Recruitment Consultant DNE

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