Benefits of Exercise

Most people hit the gym or pound the roads to lose weight or get healthy, but most importantly it has been proved that by exercising regularly can benefit your mental health. It also has other benefits.

Reduce Stress.

Tough day at the office? Take a walk/run, head to the gym. Exercise increases concentrations of norepinephrine (a chemical that can moderate the brain’s response to stress). So, get the sweat up as working out can reduce stress and boost the ability to deal with mental tension.

Happy Chemicals

Exercise releases endorphins which are described as happy chemicals. A lot of doctors are now advising people who suffer from depression or anxiety to take up exercise as in some cases this can be just as effective as antidepressant tablets.

Improves self-confidence

Physical fitness can boost your self-esteem. Regular exercise makes you feel better on the inside which reflects on the outside of the body and make you feel better which in turn improves your self-confidence plus you have the added bonus of a toned body!


When you have had a bad day and are feeling tired, get out and enjoy the fresh air. You will find when you come home you will have much more energy than before you left the house. Energy makes more energy.


You may think it funny saying that exercise helps with relaxation, but you will find after your boost of energy you are more relaxed and have a much better sleep. 

 24 Best Calorie-burning exercises

Exercise                        Calories burned per hour

Cross-country skiing                                    672

Surfing                                                                  504

Cycling (19-22.5 kmph)                              672

Water aerobics                                                336

Aerobics                                                              462

Cardio kickboxing                                          822

Burpees                                                               858

Carido dancing/Zumba                              504

Swimming                                                           504

Running (9.5 kmph)                                        840

Hiking (Hill climbing)                                     582

Elliptical Trainer (cross trainer)               510

Skipping                                                               960

Kettlebell Swing                                              1212

AirDyne Bike Sprints                                      5220

Indoor Rowing                                                   750

HIIT (high intensity interval training)      900

Cindy                                                                     780

Jump Squats                                                       804

Fat-tire biking                                                  1500

Battling Rope                                                     618

Power Yoga                                                        293

Running upstairs                                              852

Rock climbing up                                              454

Rock climbing down                                        284


If you want to lose weight from walking you will get the best results by doing it consistently throughout the week. Aim for 30 mins a day if you can. Mix up your terrain, uneven ground, hills, grass even sand. Try to incorporate speed intervals during your walk, 10 seconds speed walking followed by 12 seconds recovery for a total of 20 mins, this should help in weight loss and keep your body and mind healthy.

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