Zevo Health are delivering this work shop on 28th February at 3pm.

Self-motivation is what you need when the going gets tough. It’s what helps you lift yourself out of a slump when you don’t feel you can persist, when you start letting deadlines roll by, or when you lose sight of the end objective.

Many of us sometimes need help getting motivated. It can be very frustrating when we know we must do something, but we just can’t get around to making a start. Some people are naturally more self-motivated than others, but everyone can benefit from learning some self-motivational tools and techniques.

This 1-hour Motivation workshop will provide an insight on how to build motivation and changing your perspective, while incorporating motivational strategies in to your everyday life.

It can be listened to live, or you can watch it back later.

A few useful tips to help you stay motivated.

Set Goals – This is one of the most important aspects of staying fit and healthy. Have an end goal in mind and work towards it. Be realistic in your smaller goals to which will help you stay on tract.

Find a partner – Having a walking/running partner is a very successful way of staying motivated. You encourage one another along the way. You will find that you will push yourself harder and further than you would if you were on you own.

Feel good factor – Exercise is a great way of relieving stress and clear your mind. It also causes the release of endorphins (feel good hormones) in the body. This is why you get the happy feeling after you exercise.

Make if Fun – Walking the same route can become boring, change it about. Try something different, go for a hike, go to the beach or walk in a park. Bring your family or dog, make it fun.

For those of you who are interested the Cross Cooley challenge it is taking place on the 27th April this year. This is a fantastic family event and a great day out. If you would like more information on this walk/hike please contact me.

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