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Welcome to wellness Wednesday. Each week I will have tips and for you all for you mind, body and spirit. Davey is working on a platform on the Dock so I can put all these onto it, but until then I will just send attachments.

This week I am looking at the Benefits of exercise within our lives.

Although most of us think exercise is solely to lose weight (which most of us want) but there are more reasons to exercise than you think. Also on this sheet are the best calorie-burning exercises. (might get that skipping rope out that’s hiding at the back of the press!).

I see that one of these include running upstairs, most of us have stairs at home which is 14 steps up and 14 steps down, 6 seconds each way, so 12 seconds for 28 steps, see how many you can do in 10mins, you don’t even have to leave the house!! For those in the Dundalk office there are 20 steps up to the training floor and then another 20 to the main office. So skip the lift and take the stairs! 😊

For those of you who are following Operation Transformation, there are great tips on line for food recipes. If you have tried any of them and they are good, or if anyone has any other tips or tricks for healthy eating, please forward onto me and I can get them onto the dock for you all to follow.

The other very got app is Zevo Health, you will get the details on CPL Hub if you have not yet downloaded it. Again great tips etc on mind body and health.

If you want to get ready for the DKIT 5k here is a couch to 5k schedule which is very doable. It is a 6 week schedule so if you start you will be well fit to complete the distance in April. You may even go for the 10k. Come on, get someone with you and get out there.


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