You have just gone through the grueling job seeking process of scrolling through numerous job boards, prepping for interview stages and finally you have been offered that amazing job you have always dreamed of. What next? It’s time to hand in that notice of resignation. This can be quite daunting especially if you have spent a long time with your current employer and have strong relationships built within the company.

As a Recruitment Consultant – I have placed many people in new positions however I find the toughest part of the process for my candidates is having to hand in their notice and avoiding those counter offers.

Let us take you through the below guide of the best steps to take when handing in your notice.


Before handing in your notice wait until you have received your New Job Offer in writing or email. When writing your resignation letter be clear and concise and have a positive conclusion. Why are you leaving? Try to avoid being negative or making things personal.

Handing your notice to your employer


As soon as you have received that job offer – hand in your notice. This gives your employer time to find a suitable replacement. Schedule a meeting with your manager at their earliest convenience and let them know that you are leaving. Most employers will wish you success in your new position – some employers may not be so congratulative. Be firm on your decision and keep the conversation short and sweet. If you require a reference this is a good opportunity to ask for it. Your employer may be in shock and overloaded with information – give them a few days to process the news.


In the moment you hand in your notice or in the days following– your manager may approach you with a counteroffer. Unless a promotion or different role has been offered – it is a good idea to resist this offer immediately. Remind yourself of why you were seeking change and how unhappy you are in your current position. Accepting the counteroffer may seem like a great short-term solution – however long term you will be in the same situation – unchallenged and seeking change. Think about your new position and why you applied for it in the first place.


It is extremely important that you leave on good terms – especially if you are seeking a reference from your manager. You should never speak negatively of your employer or the company you are leaving as you never know if you will be working with them again in the future so it’s a good idea to not sour those relationships.

Many companies will conduct an exit interview. This is an opportunity to provide constructive feedback to your employer without being too critical. Provide them with an idea or objective that they could work towards achieving rather than focusing on the negative.

Never bad mouth your company to current or future colleagues as it is unprofessional and will reflect badly on you.


Hopefully these pointers help to make this process easier for you. It’s a big change moving to a new job – but if it’s what you are seeking, it can be the first step in the right direction. Always remember to look at the bigger picture and when it comes to your career goals you need to be strategic and put yourself first!


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Written by: Donna Cronin

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