Innovative Ideas – Have Your Say

So what is innovation………..

‘Executing an idea which addresses a specific challenge and achieves value for both the company and customer’

An innovative idea does not have to be new/inventive or technology related, it can be something that simply improves a work process, takes out steps that are not required or adds to a positive company culture.

How to get involved:

The quarterly meetings are one way to get involved in innovation – an opportunity to discuss ideas, offer suggestions and brainstorm ideas with like minded colleagues. We appreciate that getting cover, being out of the office, working in the evenings/ weekends etc can be an issue for some staff so in addition to the meetings we also have other ways for you to be involved :

  • Log into The Dock with your username and password (If you do not have a username please contact Davey on [email protected])
  • Click on the tile for Innovative Ideas
  • You will see our post titled Innovative Ideas – Have Your Say
  • Click on the Read More button to open the post
  • Scroll down to the bottom of this post to the comments section
  • Here you can submit your innovative idea by simply leaving a comment
  • Staff visitors to the post can then Up-Vote or Down-Vote the different innovative ideas submitted by colleagues by clicking the black Up or Down arrows at the top of each comment/idea
  • Once per quarter the Innovation team will meet and discuss with the management team the feasibility of all ideas
  • Amy and Eimear will be touring the offices with the GPTW promoting innnovation and gathering ideas from around the country
  • Innovation Champions – looking for staff within teams or regions to bring ideas forward on behalf of others
  • Alternatively If you have an idea but would like to submit it anonymously or an area that you think we can develop, remove/replace, come up with a better process you can send it to [email protected]
  • There is no commitment to meetings or follow through, you are experts in your own areas and we need your ideas and suggestions to improve your work processes. You are valved as team members and want your input into how we can make this an even better GPTW.

Next Innovation meeting on Tuesday 16th April 2019.

Any questions, give Ciara or Sammy a shout.

Comment below any innovative ideas you may have to make our workplace a better place. Each quarter the innovation team will discuss all ideas and comments with the management team.