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Brexit – The effects of Brexit on Employment in Ireland

Since the 2016 Referendum where the UK decided that they would leave the European Union, Brexit has become a household word. It has been almost 2 years; and on the 29th of March 2019 the UK are scheduled to leave the UK at 11pm. But apart from how the UK will be affected by Brexit,…
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Artificial Intelligence AI in Healthcare

The future potential for robotic technology and Artificial Intelligence AI in healthcare is HUGE. Just before you get carried away, we don’t believe physicians (humans) will be replaced by robots in the foreseeable future, however through the use of “big data”; the use of AI in healthcare can assist humans in making better clinical decisions…
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Candidates every Recruiter Dreads

For the most part recruitment is an enjoyable and interesting experience where you get to meet a wide array of people and build strong relationships with your candidates while helping them find the perfect job. As with any job working with the public you do have days where you don’t know whether to scream, laugh…
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So you want work in Construction?

My name is Joe Kenny and I look after the Temporary Construction Division in Servisource Recruitment.  What follows is a guide on how to get a job in construction from the perspective of a recruiter. Time and again I watch candidates sabotage themselves by making the same handful of mistakes which can easily be avoided…
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Why emigrate to Ireland?

Thinking of working in Ireland? Read this blog that highlights the positive and negative of making the move to Ireland, and some helpful links for before and when you arrive in Ireland. Firstly, a few facts about Ireland: Capital city: Dublin Currency: Euro Population: 4.8 million The island of Ireland is split into the Republic…
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What will Temp Admin Look Like in the Future?

In a recent blog we discussed the benefits of agency / temporary roles; highlighting that people traditionally viewed temporary employment in a negative perspective due to a lack of job security and perceived low wages. Perhaps due to necessity at the time; when the recession hit Ireland, the availability of standard full-time permanent jobs decreased…
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What are the Visa Requirements to Work in Ireland?

Are you thinking about moving to Ireland or considering re-locating here to work but unsure of the Visa requirements? Visa’s can be very confusing so we have tried to make it as simple; yet in-depth; as possible, covering the various different types of visas and work permits available in Ireland. Right to work in Ireland?…
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Gender Pay Gap Legislation – Why Now?

Ireland in recent years have become more focus and considerate when it comes to equality and the gender pay gap. There’s no doubt that Irish women have more rights today than they had 30 plus years ago, but gender equality in Ireland is still a struggle, especially in employment due to the gender pay gap.…
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So, you want to be a Customer Service Representative?

So you‘re thinking about working in the customer service industry, but you’re not sure if it’s the right move for you? When you’re a ‘social butterfly’ it can be difficult to know what job you fit into; which is why we have put together a few of the top benefits of working in customer service: Benefits…
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Benefits of Agency Work in Ireland

Have you ever thought about the benefits of Agency Work? Traditionally, people viewed agency work as being for people who are relatively young and have low levels of training while overlooking the benefits of agency work. They looked on agency work as a negative due to the lack of job security and perceived low income.…
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