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So you want work in Construction?

My name is Joe Kenny and I look after the Temporary Construction Division in Servisource Recruitment.  What follows is a guide on how to get a job in construction from the perspective of a recruiter. Time and again I watch candidates sabotage themselves by making the same handful of mistakes which can easily be avoided…
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Construction Industry Federation Annual Conference 2018

Are you attending this years Construction Industry Federation Conference? CONSTRUCTING IRELAND 2040: HOW THE INDUSTRY WILL SHAPE COMMUNITIES, CAREERS AND COMPETITIVENESS IN THE NEXT 25 YEARS This year’s Construction Industry Federation conference will be held in Croke Park stadium on the 2nd October. What is this years objective? The fundamental objective of the Construction Industry…
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Women in Construction – Barriers & Importance of Gender Inclusiveness

A common question in this industry is why are there so few women in construction in Ireland? Why should women work in construction? What are the perceived barriers for women in construction? What is the #BuildingEquality Campaign? With a smaller pool of young people entering skilled trades, Irish Construction needs to employ more women in…
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Thinking of coming (home) to Ireland to work in the Construction Industry?

  You’ve looked at the positives and thinking about making the permanent move - coming (home) to Ireland to work in the construction industry, but you want to ensure there are opportunities. Following the crash in the property market, employment in the building & construction industry fell from 236,800 in 2007 to 83,400 in 2012.…
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CIF Digital Construction Summit 2018

Inside the Digital Construction Summit 2018  The Construction Revolution As today marks International Women’s day, I want to highlight a statistic related to the construction industry: 136,000 people work in construction and just 8% of these are women. Ironically, today also marks the official launch of the #buildingequality campaign, a campaign to change the perceptions…
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