Happy Valentine’s Day !

To celebrate we are giving away a one4all voucher and a bottle of prosecco to one lucky member of staff.

All you have to do is tell us your valentine story – it could be the worst date you had, a funny story, something nice you’ve done for a work colleague today.

Winner picked by the CSR team at 4 pm.

Good luck everyone! 🙂

16 thoughts on “Valentine’s Competition

  1. When I was 14 in school, I decided to do a nice thing and buy a girl I quite fancied a rose on valentines day. When she received the rose in class at school, she asked the class who bought it for her, I was too nervous to let her know. Another lad put up his hand and they are still dating now! I was completely mugged off! Snooze you lose…

  2. Aileen Mc Cann bought us lovely ladies cupcakes with love hearts on them….sorry no photographic evidence, I ate them too quickly for fear someone else might get one!!!

  3. Myself and Rachel Doyle went for lunch today and I paid for her’s and she paid for mine 🙂 Galentines Date 😀

  4. Myself and Leanne went for lunch today and she paid for mine and I paid for her’s 🙂 😛
    I also drove her there 🙂

  5. Many many years ago my husband bought me a deep fat fryer for valentine’s day to replace my old ‘chip pan’ – not a good idea – every year since he has bought flowers and chocolates 🙂

  6. sent my friend a valentines day card from a secret admirer as she never gets valentines day cards disguised my handwriting as well ( a small white lie to make someone feel better)

  7. As Donna worked late yesterday I allowed her to take her time off today so she could go home and be with her lovely wee hubby and son 🙂

    Also as Shannon is very dedicated worker and is always in early at 7:30am each morning I have also allowed for her to leave early today so she can go and be all romantic on her dinner date with the man at 6pm this evening.

    Holding the Admin & Finance fort this evening all so my colleagues can go home to the loved ones, taking one for the team 🙂

    True Love

    Lisa LOL 🙂

  8. woke up this morning and gave my husband a kiss on the forehead a present of wine saying we will share this, this evening like we have shared our beautiful life and journey together.

  9. Just to show appreciation to the colleagues around me, I abstained from telling any Dad jokes today, not a single one.

  10. Many years ago I was on a First date, nice dark area of the pub having a few drinks getting to know each other all was going well…. Then he says oh there’s my mates do you mind if I call them over to join us for a drink. I was like sure no bother (anything to impress) then 2 lads appeared out of the darkness they were both Ex’s of mine… END DATE!

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