Mental Health – Finding that Work Life Balance

Are these questions/thoughts familiar?

I can guess that the majority of everyone reading this has had these thoughts at least once in their lifetime.

Mental Health is nothing to dismiss, you may not be able to physically see it on someone, does that mean it isn’t there?

1 in 6.8 people are currently experiencing mental health problems in the workplace such as anxiety, depression or stress. This can have a major effect on someone, it also prevents people from performing and achieving to the best of their ability.

When people feel valued, the company naturally becomes more valuable because you have people who are motivated, driven and purposefully there. Companies perform better when their staff are healthy, happy and focused.

Standing by your staff / coworker when they experience a mental health problem not only shows a person you care; it shows them how valuable they are to you and the company.

I don’t know about all of you but what I value most within a workplace is how the company values and treats its people well. This to me is a key point in a happy, healthy and motivated work life. When employees can trust their employers to treat them well it gives them a drive to succeed because they are valued.

When you achieve this relationship the benefits in terms of loyalty and commitment from all employees is irreplaceable. 

We all have mental health, it’s no secret – it’s a rollercoaster of life that we are all on whether we like it or not. We can be up, we can be down, we can be going around in circles to the point where we get dizzy and we can also be climbing to our highest point to then get flung into a terrifying downward spiral.

We are all affected by a range of factors both in and outside of work.

You can outsource so many things in life – you cannot outsource your mental health or physical care.

Also remember, it is not your bosses or managers job to manage your mental health – that’s yours.

Happy Employees Are More Productive

A study from the University of Warwick, found that there was a 12% spike in employee productivity when employees were happy. The study also found that unhappy employees were 10% less productive in the workplace.

Here are some tips to help you achieve that work life balance:

Know your peaks and troughs

Are you a morning person?

If you are, assign tough, high-concentration tasks to the mornings. Don’t leave the tough tasks until its nighttime and vice versa. Work with what works for you!

Exercise is your friend – not your enemy

It’s easy to cancel the gym, your evening walk or run because of a stressful day at the office but that helps nobody – especially you! Exercise releases natural endorphins which help lower stress levels and increase your mood.

A healthy body means a fresh and healthy mind, which means you will function better and complete tasks with less stress.

Allow yourself some “me” time

Sometimes we let small things slip to the side and we bury ourselves in our work and ignore what’s going on around us. Don’t do it. If you don’t make time for your personal life – your “me” time, including your time with your family and time for your health – unless you’re a robot – you will burn out.

Do what you love and love doing it!

Make time for something you love outside of work and give it the time it deserves. It will energize and refresh you, and help you gain that work life balance.

Stop and Think

At the end of each working day, ask yourself these few questions:

What worked today? what didn’t? what went wrong and how can the issue can be fixed? Don’t forget to tap into your most valuable resources around you, your peers. Your peers are crucial to your work life, never be afraid to ask them for help if its needed, sometimes all a situation or problem needs is a fresh pair of eyes!

Mind your mind

When fear, self-doubt or anxiety creeps in, do some work on your mental health such as meditation, reading a book or taking time out for that lovely evening walk and most importantly spend time with someone who supports you and influences your life in a positive way.


Remember to take a break, some time out throughout your day.

It’s ok to step away from your desk to take a minute breather and reflect on what is going on.

Always take your lunch breaks, you don’t expect your car to run on empty – why should you expect your mind and body to do it?

Also, make a point of getting up and stretching every 15 minutes, even a quick little walk around the office. It will help you become clearer, more focused and more productive.

Now….  ask yourself this, is your job making you unhappy? Do you dread getting up every morning with the thoughts of going to work?

If your answer is yes, then maybe it’s time for a change of environment, a fresh start. I know it’s easy to feel stuck, you have no other choice but to stay in the job you’re in but I’m here to tell you that doesn’t have to be the case.

You are never stuck, there are so many opportunities out there for you and I can help you find them!

Here at Recruit Island our job is to find you a role that best suits you!

We match the best candidates to the most suitable roles and provide our clients with the best candidates – it’s what we do best.

If you feel like you need a change give us a call to have a chat about your future career options, we are always happy to help.

Chat soon,

Shannon Dines

Article Written By:
Shannon Dines

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